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Who Will Dance With me When No one Wants to Dance With a Scarecrow

Rin Hoshina

I'm almost finished with my first songs. They include my seriously omg ftw piano composition "Nearest" which what can I say? I worked on perfecting it for MONTHS after I had the basic accompany down. I FINALLY composed the lyrics but I'm still perfecting them, so far I only have the piano version. I have yet to ad the vocals. I do have vocals to my songs "Destiny" "Itsumo" and "no Sight". I can't wait to upload them all! I'll be performing in JCSS this summer, in Japan of course. And even better: I GET TO GO WITH KUN-KOI!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD; okeh I know most of you are like....."gag me" but really, it's exciting. I REALLY wanted to be part of the program so I could spend more time this summer with him before he starts College and is almost never available. T^T koi........><; th-thz is turning into a blog......xD;;; well lesee. Things about me. I love my Kun-Koi mostest, nuff said =P.
I have little tolerance for rudeness or obnoxious behavior, especially when I'm in pain or sick. Like now for an example. I have GERD *acid reflux disease* and my stomach makes too much acid which has led to various problems for me. It becomes VERY painful, and on those painful days, pray you don't ever piss me off.
If you want to be my friend, don't just add me, leave a comment on my friend's only post.
This is almost STRICTLY a friends only. xD I think one or two of my posts are public ^_^ the rest is private.
My thoughts are special to me. So are my feelings, and I only wish to disclose those thoughts to people I feel close enough to open up to, which would be my friends and of course Kun. I'm glad I found Kun. xD well really, I think he kinda found me...well we found eachother I guess....xD;; somethin like that.
Leave me and Kun-Koi alone.
thank you much.

I like to sing, for fun of course! I like drawing, and being random. Check this out, it's pretty cool~~!